To ensure that all Acupuncture NZ members are easily able to keep up with their Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements, Acupuncture NZ holds a number of different events throughout the year. Additionally, members will be kept informed of any workshops or seminars nationally or internationally which may be held by other groups or organisations.

Full time students from the different acupuncture and Chinese Medicine schools from around the country are welcome to attend Regional meetings or workshops and seminars held by Acupuncture NZ.

The main event of the Acupuncture NZ calendar is the Annual General Meeting and Conference which is held over three days in August each year.

Regional Meetings

Acupuncture NZ has four Regional Representatives on the Council. The Regional Representatives are elected annually by the members in each individual region. The regions are as follows: Northern, Midlands, Central and Southern.

The 2016/17 Regional Representatives were elected at the 2016 Annual General Meeting in Wellington in August. They are:

Northern – Bozhao (Albert) Zhang (Auckland)

Midlands – Trudi Collins (Hawkes Bay)

Central - Kate Roberts (Wellington)

Southern – Dan Jakes (Christchurch)

The position of Regional Representative is a very important link between all the members in that particular region and the Council of Acupuncture NZ. Through meeting regularly with local members, the Regional Representative is able to bring views and concerns of the members to the Council for further discussion as well as relay to local members the things that were discussed at the Acupuncture NZ Council meetings.

Because it is often difficult for members in the smaller towns and rural areas to attend regular Regional Meetings, a number of smaller study groups have also been established. Regional Representatives and Study Group co-ordinators can be in contact via email or skype in the week prior to a Council meeting so that any member’s voice can be heard at a national level.

Contact details for the different study groups can be obtained from the Acupuncture NZ office.